Waste Transfer Station & MRF

Our fully licenced, purpose built Waste Transfer Station and Materials Recycling Facility is located at Worton Park near Cassington, just off the A40, 2 miles from the Oxford ring road and around 4 miles from Oxford City Centre. We are in a prime position to receive waste from our 3rd party customers via major road networks and minimise pollution of the environment by cutting out unnecessary journeys.

The site comprises of offices, a dedicated workshop for the maintenance of our collection vehicle fleet, space for multiple loading/unloading, a state of the art bespoke 14 man processing and picking line, mixed waste and aggregate screening area, fines re-processing line and a baling area.


We accept a number of waste types: Commercial, Industrial, Household and Builders waste, Hardcore, Wood, Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal, Cardboard, Plasterboard, Green Waste, Glass and WEEE.

All waste entering our site is weighed on a digital weighbridge with the load being recorded within our fully integrated software system. The load is inspected by our Banksman who classifies the load and directs it to its designated area. This information is then fed onto our online reporting software which is load, skip, site and company specific.

The waste is then pre-sorted by our specialised waste re-handling machines removing the larger pieces of the waste. After this initial process the waste is then fed into our primary scalper screen which separates bulky waste and fines in readiness for the further separation travelling through two manual picking lines, one for the heavier waste and the other for the lighter fractions of waste.


The separated waste streams are stored in our covered bays and then sent onto more specialist recyclers for the final phase of recycling.

  • Hardcore is crushed, stored and recycled as aggregate for the construction industry.
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals go to nearby scrap metal merchants.
  • Wood is stored and then taken to mills to be shredded before being processed for biomass or board manufacturing.
  • Food waste goes to the anaerobic digester plant on site to produce electricity for the National Grid.
  • Paper and cardboard is baled and sold to mills to make recycled paper products.
  • Glass is transported to mills for processing into recycled glass and aggregates.
  • Plastic is baled for reselling to commercial outlets in the UK and overseas.
  • Green waste is taken to compost manufacturing facilities where it is shredded for composting and re-use on land.
  • Plasterboard is collected separately and is transported to reprocessing plants for new board manufacture.

M&M Skip Hire Ltd T/A M&M Waste Solutions are continuing to invest in processes, plant and people to ensure that we continue to deliver our service to our exacting standards and to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology to ensure that we can continue to improve our environmental performance.